The focus of his paintings is often around the fringe dwellers of outback society and their eccentricities. His endeavour is to catch the spirit of these people and their landscape with all its idiosyncrasies. A strong undercurrent of dry humour finds its way into many of his works. Eris has a great interest in the history of the outback and the history of art itself. He reads extensively, especially biographies of the past greats, whether from Europe, America or Australia. He is drawn especially to the works of the Australian artists – Drysdale and Dobell, and the European artists, Chagall, Bonnard and Soutine. Eris works almost exclusively in oils, pallete knives being his most favoured tool. He prepares his own canvases and panels. He is represented in many collections both in Australia and overseas. He does not like labels but if pressed would call himself a colourist, painting things and places Australian.

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