To celebrate the 40th Anniversary, the society has chosen to choose four feature artists.


For over 30 years he has been painting full time, working in a variety of mediums. He is well known for his Impressionistic oils of landscapes, portraits and figures, he is currently Vice President of The Royal Art Society.


I am fascinated by faces. The challenge to portray an individual’s personality and likeness in paint is the passion that drives my painting. I love to explore different mediums as a way to bring interesting textural surfaces into the painting that tells a story about the subject.


Greg works in various media from oils to etchings and has illustrated several children’s books. Greg has had one man exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane and regularly participates in group exhibitions.


Melanie is a painter interested in investigating the material surface. Through abstract paintings, her work explores novel methods of applying paint and employs a wide range of collaged materials to evoke a sense of beauty that can result from excess.